Spectrums FAQ

What is Spectrums?

  • Spectrums is a network utility that helps you organize your applications, networks and websites into one easily accessible location. How? With SID, your unique SpectrumID, or your name; it's that simple.
  • Spectrums simplifies and completes the contact loop by making it easy to fully connect online as well as in real life.

How do I find people?

  • Ask or search for their SID or name. No need to ask if someone uses so-and-so app, what their username is or how their name is spelled.

How do I add networks to my spectrum?

  • After signing in to your account, click on the Networks link and then click the Add New button. A list of networks will be shown. Choose the one you'd like to add, fill out the Title and Link fields and click the Submit button.
  • Continue this process as much as you can to increase opportunities for simple connections and engagement!

What if I don't see my network listed?

  • If you don't see your network listed, please let Spectrums know of a network you'd like to be shown in the list if it's not currently there.

How do I change my SpectrumID?

  • When you signed up, you were given the next available SID. For reserved SpectrumIDs, please to inquire. Unassigned SpectrumIDs that are still available can also be requested.

How do I report spam, fake accounts and anything else out of the ordinary?

  • Please immediately if you notice anything that doesn't seem right and we will investigate. We appreciate your support in making this a clean environment for all users.

How can I customize my Spectrums profile?

  • Upload a photo of yourself
  • Write a catchy description in your ‘Bio'
  • Add all of your networks and contact information!

Avoid any ‘sensitive' or ‘personal' information regarding yourself or anyone else. Do not post any sensitive information you are concerned could be used in a negative way.

Harassment, negligence and/or malicious activity will not be tolerated on Spectrums.

How do I unleash the power of Spectrums?

  • Instead of asking people to engage with your spectrum of networks that are already numerous and will only continue to grow, tell them to follow your SID.
  • On your social media platforms, just share your SID or mys.id/SID instead of listing your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WhatsApp, blog, website, phone number, email…you get the gist. No more long lists, and missed opportunities.
  • Share your SID directly with others through the ‘Copy profile link' tool on your Spectrums profile page which can be found beside your SID.
  • On your business card, you can place your SID for simple, complete connections as well.

Is there more to come?

  • Of course! We're just getting started.

Do you have any general inquiries?

  • Please . We will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.